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Lowland zither

The zither has become an integral part of their folk tradition – folk music – over the past nearly 100 years. In the way it is made, tuned and used, it reflects a particular Hungarian taste and demand. We do not know much about the makers

Vásárhely bibliotheques

1. Local history collection of the Németh László Municipal Library. In a broad sense, it collects all materials related to the town of Vásárhely. Thus, books and documents related to natural conditions (soil and climate, flora and fauna),

Cold pork paprikash

From the second half of the 19th century, paprikash was an essential part of the festive diet in Hódmezővásárhely, which was then „the favourite food of rich and poor alike.” Here, they did not cook stew but paprikash, which was


The tarhonya is a typical lowland pasta dish, more precisely from the Southern Great Plain, which has spread and become popular throughout the Hungarian food culture. Its origins in the diet of the Hungarian people date back to the Middle

Ő-ző local language

Our local vocabulary was the Ö(øː)-ző language, spread over a large area of the Great Plain, in islands that converged, but there wOur local vocabulary was the Ö(øː)-ző language, spread over a large area of the Great Plain, in islands that


Hód-Spa Camping

Private accomodation

Hódmezővásárhely Creative HouseVillage Hall Guest Rooms, Mártély
Rudnay ApartmanTennis Club
Retirement Apartment ParkKuckó Accomodation
Downtown Guest HouseOpen-air School
Huszár Virág Guest HouseAlföldi Guest House
Kőris Farm Guest HouseKölcsey Apartment
Downtown ApartmentSun City Apartments
Csipkés ApartmentMosolygós Guest House
Szolimed Guest HouseMargaréta Studio Apartment
Andi Vacation HouseZöld Sziget Guest House
Janka ApartmentMártély Creative House
Döme Guest House, MártélyDorottya Apartment
Igazgyöngy ApartmentHullámtér Guest House
Márti ApartmentKrisztina Apartment
Ady Private AccomodationRiverside Camping
Bella Vacation HouseKásaerdő Guest House
Soma House, MártélyGalambdúc Guest House
Böbe Guest House

Student hostel


Check Hódmezővásárhely’s restaurants, pubs and bars on TripAdvisor:
Restaurants in Hodmezovasarhely – Updated October 2021 – Tripadvisor

Tarján RestaurantFekete Sas Event Hall
Lókötő Restaurant and Pizzeria, MártélyBagolyvár Restaurant
Bandula RestaurantÖszöm-Iszom Restaurant
Kerekes RestaurantHullámtér Restaurant, Mártély
Kenguru TavernKispiac Restaurant
Kentaur RestaurantFishermen’s Inn 
Kistópart RestaurantKökénydomb Tavern
Pizza ManiaTarján Restaurant
Don Pedro PizzeriaHárom Majom Pizzeria
Lucullus Food BarVándorsólyom Restaurant
Zátony Pizzeria and CaféOlivia Gyors and Salad Bar
Pepperoni Pizzeria

Pastry shop, ice cream

Zója Pastry Shop
Ízvarázs Ice Cream Shop
Heroes Pastry Shop
Ice Millennium Ice Cream Shop
Sarokház Pastry Shop
Marcipán Pastry Shop
Csucsu Ice Cream Shop
Szőke Pastry Shops
Zsuzsi Ice Cream Shop
Kis Marcipán Pastry Shop
Márton Pastry Shop

Café, bistro, wine bar

Cézár Bistro and CaféVuk Pub and Restaurant
Hordó Pub and PizzeriaSóshalom Winery
Áprád Balogh’s Handcraft Winery

Pubs, clubs

Youth ClubPiros Bar
New Penna Club Raktár Café
Joker Cafe

Hiking, trekking


Bicycle rides